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What Is Wsa?

Wsa is a powerful “Web Site Analyzer”, focused on finding and downloading files from the Internet. Wsa works like a WebSpider, crawling from one page to the next, discovering and recording any links they contain. It can analyze a high volume of links very fast and locate all the file types you are interested in. Then it can batch download them all to your hard drive.

How Is Wsa Used?

You can use Wsa’s build-in web browser to browse around web sites until you find something you are interested in. Then you can simply tell the application to analyze that site and download all the files it finds that match your criteria.

How Does Wsa Work?

Starting with the first Url passed to the application, Wsa downloads the given page and searches for all links found within the page contents. It classifies each link based on its type to either html or file and records the results. Then depending on the options specified by the user, it will follow each link found and repeat the same process.

Image Preview

All files you requested will be downloaded in a folder of your choice. When the image preview is activated, a thumbnail image will be added to the preview pane for any image type of data you download.

When the slideshow feature is activated the images will animate (at a predefine speed of your choice) as they get downloaded.

Main Screen
Main Screen
Duplicate File Finder

Using this application, you can also search for duplicate files in your system. Wsa will find and display all multiple entries in your file system. You can then review the results and delete these entries, freeing wasted space in your drives.

Download Latest Version
Download Latest Version
Main Screen
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